For the love of knowledge.

My aim in publishing these notes is to share some of the observations that I have made throughout my career in management and consulting.


My experience is in Banking, Utilities and consulting, blending Governance, Strategic Sourcing, Portfolio and Project Management, Transformational Change and Risk management in support of the dynamic requirements of these business.

My key professional interests include the implementation of policy and procedures to support business change, management of projects, vendors and stakeholders, and the review of IT investment from a strategic risk and commercial perspective.

I am also interested in organisational development and the alignment of the business strategic goals, operating model with effective organisational structures.

My academic interests include management, behavioural economics and theory of decision making.

These broad groups perhaps reflect my life experience, and also hint at the vet world of ideas and experiences in whichI haven’t partake. It is this world perhaps the most intriguing to me which I have timidly started to explore through stories.

I have a passion for knowledge and discovery which ranges from science and technology to the fundamental principles of management, and have divided these notes into four groups:

  • Management covers the fundamental principles of planning, organization and control
  • Science covers the basic principles and structures of nature
  • Techniques deals with practical advice on the use of common management tools
  • Philosophy is where anything else goes, resisting classification yet full of potential

I welcome you and hope you find something useful and interesting in these pages.

R. Jeges PhD